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Starting Friday, April 9, 2021

Give me 21 days and I’ll show you how to create the money you want!

How I Decreased My Anxiety About Money by 78% While Increasing My Income By 6-Figures –And How You Can Too!

You’re Probably as Skeptical as an Atheist in Church Right Now (And I Don’t Blame You).  But Give Me Just 10 Minutes Everyday for the Next 21 Days and I’ll Give You The Exact Same Tools I Used To Decrease My Anxiety About Money and Open Myself Up to Receiving More Than I EVER Thought Possible!

For me being an entrepreneur has always been about freedom and ultimately about being able to create money whenever I needed or wanted it.  The idea of having multiple income streams and passive income streams is so alluring isn’t it!?

In the beginning, I spent a lot of time learning about the different ways there were to make money, about marketing and sales, all of which produces a lot of anxiety because of the uncertainty that comes with having a lot of options.

I also had a lot of anxiety because of how judgemental I was and my unawareness about it. At the time I just knew I had A LOT of thoughts going on in my head like:

  • I have to follow the exact same steps that Guru A is so I can have the exact same results.
  • Am I doing this right?
  • This is taking too much time!
  • The money isn’t flowing in fast enough.
  • This is a lot of work…it has to be easier than this!

Skiing Down the Anxiety Avalanche

I’m sharing with you my story in hopes that you are resonating with the same sort of anxiety that I was going through about creating money.  And then the anxiety of doing it right and needing to control it.  It’s like a snowball that gathers momentum as it rolls down the hill.

I remember one time the air conditioning went out and the repair man said it was going to be $3,000 to fix it.  And NOT fixing it wasn’t an option since it was August in South Florida!  But we didn’t have the money in our bank account or even savings and we’d just borrowed money from our parents to buy our first home.

They say “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and this situation proved that and so I put together my first high-ticket offer and went out to all the people I knew and asked them to work with me.  When the first one said yes, I was soooooo happy! And then the second and the third!  Woo hoo! I’d created the money to pay for the new air conditioner!  I was so proud of myself.

I’d created the money I needed and in the process had step into the next level as an entrepreneur.

Creating Money From Drama and Trauma

But I quickly found myself struggling to make more than enough money again and questioning myself…if I could create money to pay a bill…why can’t I create the money to pay for ANYTHING I want like a family vacation, a new car or just a chunk of money to pay down credit card bills or build up my savings???

It was so depressing to think that the only way I could create money was from drama or trauma.  My true desires for the fun things just kept gathering on a list that I didn’t want to look at because I’d feel more and more shame about not being able to create the money.


I also realized that I needed to create A LOT more money than I thought because there were ALWAYS business investments to be made to grow the business and I wanted money to experience things in life.

I HATED the anxiety that this produced in me so I set about studying with various masters to learn how to manage this anxiety and shift my beliefs about this situation.

Over the years I’ve worked with dozens of mentors on this area alone and spent well over $150,000 in private coaching, healing sessions and information products.

One of the most important things I learned in my studies is that if I was powerful enough to create these amazing situations of drama and trauma then I had the capacity to create amazing opportunities for creating money as if by magic.

I just need to change my “Magic Wand” from something that was a magical creator of crap into something that was magically creating possibilities beyond my wildest dreams.

See that’s the biggest lie we get taught throughout the years – that something is WRONG with us…and I’m here to let you in on the truth.

There Is NOTHING Wrong With You! Your Ability to Experience Anxiety About Money Is Directly Proportional to Your Excitement And Ability to Receive It!

You too have a magic wand filled with powers but up until now I bet you’ve been a magical creator of crap too, right?

Maybe you’ve racked up so much debt that you don’t allow yourself to use your credit cards anymore.

Maybe you’ve invested in working with a mentor or a coach only to be disappointed at the end of working with them.

Maybe you’ve gotten in over your head and feel like you’re drowing and can’t find a way out.

What we need to do now is help you identify all the areas where you are waving that magic wand and creating drama and trauma with money and recalibrate your Receiving Quotient.

What’s a ‘Receiving Quotient’?

We’ll I’m glad you asked!

Basically we identify all the beliefs you have about all the possibilities there are in creating more money than you ever thought possible and divide that by the number of beliefs you have about money being problematic and challenging.

Once we know your Receiving Quotient we can integrate a few simple tools into your life that allow you to gently recalibrate this quotient to be even higher, thus increasing your ability to receive exponentially with total ease.  And over time your magic wand becomes something that creates amazing possibilities for making more money than you ever thought possible.

Now you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollar and hours to learn from all the people I did OR you can join me for the next 21 days as I shortcut your way to success.

Introducing Your Money Magic Wand: 21 Tools to Create the Money You Want – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace!

In this 21-Day challenge you’ll receive…

  • Daily Alignment Audio MP3 -Each day you’ll receive a short alignment audio to listen to over and over again to subconsciously recalibrate your receiving receptors!
  • Daily Alignment Video Lesson – Each day you’ll receive a short alignment video lesson inviting you to activate a new way of BE-ing in your life.
  • Daily Written Alignment– For those of you who like to see what the recalibrating statements written out.

During this challenge you’ll be guided through shifting your beliefs about yourself and your circumstances from ones that are created from reaction to drama and trauma to ones that are created from tapping into your inner knowing that you got this…you know how to create a life that’s really worth living.

As I’ve shifted through the years from being someone ruled by their anxiety about money to someone who creates from a space of what feels fun and light and easy, I can tell you that if I can do it…you can do it!

But don’t try to do it alone – come join me and everyone else for the Your Money Magic Wand Challenge which starts as soon as you sign up!

We’re going to have a great time!

To Your Increased Visibility and Profitability,

Mande White-Pearl, P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Alchemist

P.S. Want to know why I said I only decreased my anxiety by 78%?  I can’t say that ALL my anxiety about money has gone away. Having more money to play with can create some new opportunities for anxiety to show up for new areas of growth.  But what I do know for sure is that my belief in myself to work through that anxiety using these tools keep the majority of the anxiety at bay.


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