Effortless Client Attraction 5 Day Reset


If you find yourself very busy trying to get clients but not enrolling as many as you’d like there is something energetically blocking you from receiving them.  Since 99% of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have are NOT yours and a HUGE portion of those are unconscious it  can often leave you feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and frustrated.

We’ll start our work together by scheduling a 1:1 15 minute phone conversation to determine your intentions for our work together. For the 5 days following our 1:1 session I’ll spend 10-15 minutes each day clearing the energetic blocks that are holding you back from Effortless Client Attraction.

I’ll record your session and email it over to you after it’s over.

You can listen to the replay if you’d like and email back questions, comments or ah ha’s for the next session.

You’ll receive a Clearing Audio to listen to as often as you can, preferably while you sleep really quietly during our time together to help you integrate this new vibrational state in your body & your business.

As a bonus, if there is a specific next step you should take, we’ll be happy to gift you any planner in the vault that will help you take those next steps.  Our P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Planners are normally $47 each in the EYI Stop.


Can you come pick up a $1500 check later today?

One of our EYI Insider’s shared with me yesterday how clients & cash keep coming to her with MORE and MORE ease.

She had just swung by her new clients office to pick up a check for $1500.  She attracted the client because we’ve been focused on clearing the blocks she had about ‘working hard’ to get the marketing perfect and right.

She’s going through a time in her life where she can’t physically work as many hours as she used to and has stepped more and more into a space of feeling like ‘the universe has her back’ when it comes to her making money doing what loves doing.

She’s not the only one, our Expand Your Impact Insider’s often find themselves working LESS and attracting more ideal clients as they work with us.

They often come to us thinking they need a better strategy or help implementing a tactic but 90% of the time what completely transforms their businesses is energetic coherence.

While we’d love to have you become an EYI Insider, sometimes that’s a big leap for someone who hasn’t experienced much of our work yet.

This program is a great way to get introduced to the work and see if working together more is a fit.


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